Here’s how to know when to snap or when to sext

It’s later in the night, and you’re alone at your place, not sure what to do. Well, you have an idea for what you want to do, but it involves another party (I mean, you can do it alone, but it’s nowhere near as good).

In case you didn’t get it, I’m talking about sex. What else do you want late at night when you’re by yourself?

After thinking about it for a moment, you realize there’s someone in your contacts that you can hit up for a little rendezvous. Phone in hand, face glowing iridescent blueish white from the screen, you scroll down and find the contact.

Seconds later you’re composing a text message - stop! Think about this for a second; in order to get them to come over, you’re not only going to need to get the content of the message right, but you need to send the right kind of message.

What I mean is that you can either send them a sext (sexual texting) or a snap via Snapchat. Both methods will do the trick, but which one should you choose?

Whether you send a sext or a sexy snap depends on who you are trying to hook up with, and how you want them to react to the message.

Let’s say you decide to hit up your ex (which usually isn’t a good idea). Should you send them a snap, or should you send an alluring, sexy message?

For your ex, sending something as obvious and open like a snap will just make them roll their eyes and block you on Snapchat. Instead, send them a sext.

Now, I don’t mean just randomly send them a sext out of the blue; first you should just do the usual “What're you up to?” text and then you can be more forward after they respond.

If you don’t know what they’re up to at the time, sending them a text will increase their chances of responding. If they’re with a friend, and you send them a sexy snap, they’ll just laugh, share it with their friend and do nothing else.

If you find yourself missing your ex, just send them a text. Getting a snap of your junk or something is a bit too blunt if you’re the one initiating the hookup.

Here’s another scenario; you met someone and hit it off, and have hung out a few times. You’re not dating, but it’s clear that you’re attracted to each other.

You gather the courage to send them a sexy message, but should you send them a sext, or should you send a snap? The nature of the relationship will help you dictate which option to choose, so try to think of reasons why you should send a sext or a snap.

If you feel like all you have to do to take the relationship to the next level is to get them to come over to your place to “watch Netflix and chill”, a sext or a snap would both work. If you feel like this person might not be down to hookup like that, send them a text.

Pretend you sent them a snap; how do you think they’ll react? Be honest and realistic with yourself.

Since you don’t feel completely confident they’ll be down to hookup, sending a text enables you to back out before you screw things up with them. With a snap, you send it, and there’s no going back with such an obvious message.

What if you’re in a relationship? Well, sexting and sending a snap will get the job done, but you need to pick the right time.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend are at work or school, sending a dirty little snap will get their attention, but they probably won’t be able to respond. It’s not easy to go into a public restroom and take a sexy pic or to do it in any public space, for that matter.

So if you want to spice things up, but they are at work or in class, stick to sexting; they can respond quickly and easily, and it won’t ruin the mood by them not being able to respond if you’d sent a snap instead.

Find yourself in the mood for a little somethin’? Before you send that sext or a dirty snap, think about who the receiver of the message is, the nature of your relationship, and how they’d react.

Initiating a hookup through sext or snap isn’t a difficult task by any means but you don’t want to rush it. Timing is important, and you need to have a good idea for how the person will react or respond to your sext or snap.

Send a snap when you’re confident the receiver will react in a positive way, but if you’re not sure if they’re down to hookup, send a text. You either win big, or you lose big, so choose your medium wisely.

Should you Snap - or Sext ?
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