Here’s all the ways sexting has changed dating according to science

1. Sexting is the norm.

With the advent of smartphones, communicating instantaneously became possible. Messaging someone across the country takes no more than a few seconds, and pretty soon it became a normal part of life.

It can be done at any time, and very easily; the same goes for sexting. Before texting, you had to do it over the phone or the old fashioned way, but now, couples can create some heat even when oceans are between them.

Snapping and sexting is becoming just another natural part of relationships; now couples do it all the time. Without Martin Cooper, creator of the cell phone, we might not have sexting today, so be sure to give him a fist bump when you see him.

2. Phone sex got murked.

Why have phone sex, which can’t be anything but awkward and weird, when you can just send a sexually explicit message or a dick pic? Much easier, and no heavy breathing.

For phone sex, you had to find a place where you wouldn’t be heard, which isn’t easy if you’re in the middle of a Walmart, which is where most phone sex is performed. Keep it classy, Walmart.

3. It’s a factor that can help people judge if they’re compatible.

Let’s say you’ve been on a date (or a couple) with someone, and you like them a lot, but something tells you that you’re not totally compatible with each other. You’re not sure, but you feel like you won’t work well together in bed.

The thing is is that you like them, a lot. Something is telling you, though, that it’s not going to work out that well between you.

What can you do? Well, you can sleep with them and find out first hand if you really work well together.

Or, if intimacy isn’t your strong suit, you can start sexting them and see how it goes. If everything goes well, you’re probably good in bed together, too.

4. Long distance dating is a little less shitty.

I think everyone who’s ever lived, even if they’d never dated long distance, knows that dating long distance really blows. It’s like hanging out with Dick Cheney; no one wants to, it sucks the entire time, and in the end it feels like you got shot in the face.

Sexting has made it only slightly less terrible, which is better than nothing, I guess. You can sext across the pond, send dick/boob pics across the pond, but it’s still across the pond.

5. Teens do it now, too.

Damn little kids, always copying what the older kids do, which is something that every generation ever has done. But so yeah, teens are sexting (like we didn’t see it coming).

Remember when you were in middle school and the first couple years of high school? You probably encountered dating around this time, and kids these days who are dating surely must know of sexting, if they don’t do it themselves.

Dating in middle school and the first couple years of high school should have nothing to do with sex, but we can’t do much about that now, can we? No.

Forty percent of teens today are sexting, and that number is a bit higher than it should be.

6. Parents do it now, too.

The image is puke-worthy, but yeah, parents are sexting too. No, no, no, DO NOT PICTURE IT.

Adults kinda suck at it too, if you’ve ever watched the news in the last decade; politicians and all sorts of celebrities have been caught in sexting scandals. So not only do our parents sext, but they’re pretty terrible at it.

Reminder to never look at mom’s texts ever again, just in case.

7. Cheating is easier than ever.

Cheating is for Class-A douchebags, and now it’s become even easier for those slimy bastards to be unfaithful with sexting.

When you look at someone texting, you have no idea what they’re saying, unless their facial expressions give it away. So it’s nearly impossible to tell if someone is sexting or just sending a simple text.

Obviously the only way to catch them is to see the sexts themselves, but it doesn’t undo the act. Cheating used to require late night rendezvous, rain-soaked trench coats, and manila envelopes; now it just requires a cell signal or wifi.

8. Sex early on in a relationship isn’t taboo.

American culture has always been changing, and now it’s changing at a more brisk pace. Relationships are the same way, and now, sex early on in a relationship isn’t looked down upon like it used to be.

Sexting apps have helped make sex more immersed into our culture, and it’s been more openly discussed and thrown around much more than in the past. It’s not a big deal anymore, and now people are sleeping together after the first date, and sometimes not even in a relationship setting at all.

9. Sex is less of a big deal now.

Clearly, sex means less than it used to. This has change isn’t especially new, as sexual culture has been changing for decades, but sexting has influenced the cultural change.

Since sexting is being full immersed into our culture, sex has become less ‘special’ than it used to be. Maybe sexual intimacy loses some of its luster when people have already been intimate textually.

10. It’s helped partners keep things spicy.

Relationships have their ups and downs, which is completely normal. Sometimes relationships (romantic ones, not your bros) lose their excitement and their intimacy.

Thus, it is time to switch things up; maybe do something totally spontaneous and inspired. Or, you can sext.

If you’ve never sexted with your partner, try doing so if you’ve noticed the embers aren’t burning as hot as they used to. If you have, pull out some old moves you used the first time you sexted together; anything to spice it up or add a little flavor.

Sometimes in a relationship, all you need to set things off is a simple message or physical cue; try a sexy little message to reignite the fire and passion in your relationship. Sexting has changed or altered our lives in a few different ways, not all of them expected. Like it or not, sexting is here to stay, so you might as well get used to it.

Kylie is online and wants to sext.