Here’s how to know when flirting becomes sexting

Just imagine yourself as someone in the public spotlight, whether you’re a dick pic taking quarterback past his prime, or a politician who makes horrible aliases for his affairs. Maybe you’re a celebrity with highly questionable talent; either way, being in the spotlight isn’t always easy.

When you’re famous, it can take only one misstep for your career to take a huge hit. They’re on a pedestal, whether they climbed there or society placed them on it, and it’s a long fall down.

For the rest of us, no one cares about what we’re up to other than grandma. We have it easy; we can do as we please, and if we mess up, no one outside of our lives gives a rip.

If you think that celebrities have better lives than you, think about this for a second; they can’t send out nudes, sexts, or anything of that nature. They can, but it’s very likely that the content will be leaked and posted somewhere on the internet forever.

Us normal people get to send all the nudes and sexts that we want. We can send them to the wrong person, we can post them on the internet if we want, and no one cares.

That’s freedom right there, baby.

Celebrities have to be super careful before they sext or take a nude pic, and there’s still a good chance that it’ll be all over the news the next day. No matter the precautions they may have taken, nudes and sexts from celebrities and the like always seem to find their way onto the web.

Thus, it is about time we look at cases where sexting went wrong; maybe we’ll find out why.

First up we have Brett Favre, who you might know as that one jeans commercial guy, or as an NFL quarterback that John Madden was obsessed with. Well, he’s also a dick pic taker who likes to send his dick pics to women he works with.

Back in late 2008, the New York Jets needed a quarterback, so they took in Favre, who had just announced his retirement from the NFL. During his one year in New York, this guy sent sexts and explicit voicemails to a Jets sideline reporter by the name of Jenn Sterger.

Okay, Brett, we all knew that your career was just about over, but did you have to go on a dick pic mission and bombard this woman with your junk mail? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Brett has a wife.

Fast forward two years, and Favre has retired from the NFL. The NFL looks into the dick pics that Sterger received, but they didn’t “find” much.

By “didn’t ‘find’ much”, I mean they didn’t give the case a second look before they threw it in the trash; the NFL protects it’s most valuable assets. The dick pics Favre sent to Sterger were analyzed but could not be linked back to Favre, although he later admitted he did send her sexts and naughty voicemails.

This case is pretty mild, as the media didn’t seem to care about the personal life of a retired yet wildly popular and successful quarterback. Favre got off with just a light slap on the wrist, but what if he was in the middle of his career when the pictures were taken?

In my opinion, not much would’ve happened; the NFL wouldn’t have let their prized, money-making possession be tarnished by a sideline reporter who had received some dick pics.

To prevent a rant about how corrupt the NFL is, let’s just leave it at this; if you’re gonna do something that’ll potentially ruin your reputation, do it right before you retire.

Politicians are also fans of extramarital affairs and sexting; in comes Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger.

Yeah, Carlos Danger.

In 2011, Mr. Weiner (lol) was on Twitter, and for some reason thought it would be a super great, flawless idea to send a pic of his junk to a woman who followed him. Yup, THAT pic.

This incident wouldn’t be a big deal if Mr. Weiner (lol) wasn’t in public office. Too bad for him; he was a Congressman at the time.

Once his junk was all over the news, you’d think he would just admit what he did and try to smooth things over. Nope; he denied the pic was his multiple times!

Not only did he have to go throw the public backlash, but his wife had to deal with all of it with him! At every press conference and through all of the denials, she was standing by his side, probably wondering why she married a guy with a last name like Weiner (and maybe why he cheated on her, too).

The media tore this guy to shreds, and it seemed like we were close to hearing the last of Anthony Weiner. Psych!

Two years later, another weiner-based Weiner scandal breaks out, and the guy is back in the spotlight. I’m starting to think his dick wants to run for public office, what with it showcasing itself every couple years.

So, what did he do now? Well, first off, the guy made another run for public office, this time running to become the mayor of New York City.

So yeah, after the first scandal forced him out of Congress, the guy thinks two years is enough time for things to blow over. Well, they would, if he didn’t bring his weiner into the spotlight again.

The guy tries to make a comeback, and starts to gain some traction (I don’t know how that was possible). Everything is going smoothly, until late July of 2013.

More dick pics are leaked, but they were taken by some guy using an alias called Carlos Danger. Who cares?

Well, quite quickly the world found out that Anthony Weiner was sending sexts and dick pics under the aforementioned alias. He’s back, you guys!!

You’d think he’d retired from the dick pic game, but once a playa, always a playa.

So yeah, as a Congressman he went through a sexting scandal. Why not do it as a mayoral candidate as well?

Once again, Mr. Weiner (lol) dealt with the public furor. His wife was still by his side, stone-faced and likely dying of embarrassment and regret on the inside.

If you’re in the public eye, every move you make will be discussed. Every misstep will be analyzed over and over.

Sexting is meant to be private, with content shared only between the parties involved. Sometimes, though, stuff gets leaked.

If you or I send a dick pic up on the internet, no one really cares or notices. Brett Favre and Anthony Weiner weren't so lucky.

They were in positions where they couldn’t make a mistake, and they did. When you live a life like them, you’re obligated to behave correctly, to do everything right.

Well, at least just don’t screw up.

And they screwed up big time. Sexting is a risky business, so if you engage in it, you better have all of your bases covered to ensure nothing gets leaked.

If you have something to lose, don’t give yourself the opportunity to lose it. Anthony Weiner had a great job that he’d surely worked very hard for, and it all went away because he's “perpetually horny” (his exact words, mind you).

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