Here are the top 3 sexting scandals that rocked the world

With the advent of smartphones, people were suddenly able to take photos with their phones and share them on social media, or even just via text or email, among many other things. But this whole sharing photos thing took off, and before long people were sending each other sexual images and messages as well, and the term sexting was born.

But the thing is, people kinda suck at it. You’d think that everyone would understand that sexting is something you keep between yourself and your partner, and no one else is involved in any way.

Some people, though, (celebrities) just don’t get it. Maybe it was betrayal on the part of their partner or whoever was receiving the sexts, but it seems like no matter what, if a celebrity or well-known person sexts someone, the messages or pics always seem to get leaked.

Thus, we are going to list a few of some of the most outrageous, face-palm worthy moments where celebrities and other famous people started to sext someone only for pics to get leaked and for reputations to be ruined.

1. First off we have Mr. Dickpic himself, or has the government calls him, Anthony Weiner.

Chances are you saw the dick pic he took, as it was plastered all over the news; good ol’ media, over-exposing someone who already exposed himself.

What Weiner did was incredibly stupid, but hey, it lead to his departure from public office, so in the long run it was a win. We had to look at his junk a whole lot on our 60" TV’s for a few news cycles but at least he’s gone now.

What he did was send a woman a link via Twitter, and that link happened to go straight to a pic of a dick, which was his. Of course, he denied that the photo featured his little friend, but after a few days of enduring a media firestorm, he acknowledged that it was his weiner.

He also admitted that he’d sent sexts and dick pics to six women over the course of three years. Two years later, the whole ‘Carlos Danger’ thing happened, with more dick pics sent to a young woman, and the final nail was put into his career coffin.

2. Oh, Brett Favre. NFL quarterback, Super Bowl winner, MVP, and dick pic giver.

Broadcasting and coaching legend John Madden must’ve cried a bit the day that this scandal hit the news, but his mancrush needed to end at some point. What Favre did was send her sexts, left her explicit voicemails, and probably a plethora of dick pics.

She was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets when he was playing for them in 2008, and that was when she received the sexts and nudes. Once a dude has power and authority, he feels like it’s totally fine to whip his buddy out and share it with the world.

3. Kim Kardashian

She blew everyone away with her sex tape with Ray J back in 2007, and before long the whole Kardashian clan was on “reality” television and became the focus of people with nothing better to do.

If you’re talentless, one-dimensional, and incredibly vain, making a sex tape and leaking it will send you on a rocket to the big time, but you might be required to have a two-month marriage with someone just as brainless as you.

4. If you’re not much of a sports fan, you might not know of Tony Parker. He’s a point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, an NBA Championship-winning team.

This guy is incredibly talented, hard-working, and one of the last people you’d guess would be involved in a sexting scandal (I mean, look at his ex-wife, Eva Longoria; how can you do much better than that?).

He may be a point guard with great vision, but for some reason he never noticed that sexting a 19-year old British girl would get him in a huge amount of trouble. Dude, you’re married to Eva Longoria; what more could you need?

Longoria then rightly left him in the dust in 2010, claiming he cheated on her with the wife of his old teammate, Brent Barry. Yeah, I don’t really like him anymore either.

Some people just can’t keep it in their pants, let alone to themselves.

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