Top 7 sexy snap fails that shocked the world.

We all have our urges, and some of them come at the most inappropriate time. Whether you’re ‘dying’ of thirst while at a water conservation seminar, or you start to crave a hamburger while on a cleanse, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.

Now, those urges are fine to give in to, as they don’t do you or anyone else any harm, and are pretty tame. But what if you got a sext or sexy snap from someone you know, and you want to respond but aren’t in the right setting to send something back?

This question prompts a list of ten times where you should not send that sexy snap, all provided below.

1. Thanksgiving at grandma’s

This may seem a little obvious, but grandma’s cozy little home is not the place to send out a nude. Grandma would probably have another stroke if she found out you did that.

But really, you’re surrounded by family, even if you don’t know or like half of them; that should be a nude-killer right there.

2. Business lunch

You’re on a business lunch with an important client, and you need to pull out all of the stops to land this account. You’re killing it, and you’re confident you can do it.

You feel your phone vibrate, and when you have a spare moment, you check it. It’s a nude from that hot person you’ve been dating, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

It’s vital that you remain focused and professional; is sending a nude worth losing business? Hell nah!*

*Only worth it if it’s in response to Beyonce or for national security*

3. Baseball game

Sitting in seat 12, row 5, just behind the home dugout, you’re enjoying a baseball game during the dog days of summer. You hear your text notification, and to your pleasant surprise it’s a nude sent from your lover who’s back at home.

You’d respond with a nude of your own, but you’re not in a place where you can/should take one. No, heading into the public bathrooms is not a good idea, and for few reasons; they’re crowded, completely disgusting, and everyone will know what you’re doing.

No, the seventh inning stretch is not an acceptable time to send a nude, either. Take it where there isn’t 30,000 people around you, like at home.

4. Dinner with Mom

You should know better.

5. Dinner with Dad

You should really know better.

6. At work

You’re at your desk and your bae sends you a spicy pic. First off, it better be your normal phone, not your work phone.

The nude is pure fire, and you’d really like to respond, but you’re at work.

Okay, you might think you can snap a nude in the bathroom and no one will be the wiser, but can you really be sure? Tom from HR just ate a two-pound burrito at lunch, and we both know you shouldn’t go in there while he’s using the john.

7. On the road

On the way back home from the job you didn’t deserve to get, you recieve a nude from your partner. Responding now, while you’re driving is not only a death wish, but do you really think you can take a nude, let alone a sexy one, when you’re operating a motor vehicle?

Safe is sexy*.

*It’s debatable.*

8. Wedding

Weddings can be fun, they can be boring, they can be over the top or really lame, but no matter what, nudes are forbidden. Grandma could accidentally pop into the wrong bathroom and catch you mid-nude, which would probably make her have that third stroke; be nice to grandma.

9. On a plane

30,000 feet in the air, and you get a sext. It’s pretty entertaining, but you’re squished between some large man in a tailored suit that you think has a tiny blood stain on it and some wide-eyed tourist who has no idea where he’s going.

That’s not an environment that is nude-friendly. And come on, the bathroom is super cramped; the mirror probably has crap all over it, and you can barely turn around in it, let alone take a sexy pic.

10. On campus

During your 9 am lecture, in between yawns and sips of coffee, you get a nude from someone you’ve been hooking up with recently. It’s hot, and you’d like to reciprocate, but you can’t snap a nude then and there.

Going to the restroom might seem like a good idea, but someone is bound to walk in on you mid-nude. It’s just the way the world works.

Plus, the bathrooms are nasty and just the background alone will distract from all the sexiness that’s going on.

It sucks to send a nude and not get one back. If you get a sexy pic sent to you, but you’re not in the right setting to send one back, just wait a minute. Grandma’s had enough strokes.

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