Try These 5 Free Websites to Find Real Kik Girls and Usernames

Kik is a messaging app that has a huge following, with membership exceeding 275 million users. It’s a quasi-anonymous app, as you’re not required to enter in a phone number to create an account, and people can only find you if they know your exact username.

That being said, it may seem hard to find new people to talk to on Kik, but it really isn’t; there are tons of sites listing Kik usernames, and while you may think that all of them have tons of usernames ready for you to chat with, most of them are a joke. There are a few diamonds among the rough though, as these 5 sites have lists of active Kik users and are being added to constantly, so you stand a better chance of actually finding a real person to talk to.

If you’re looking for new Kik names, here are 5 websites to help you do just that, right now.


No wonder this site is at the top of the search rankings when you Google search “kik names”; it’s updated constantly, and when I checked out the link, there were Kik names of people that were added less than a minute prior to the search. If you are going to use the internet to find new people on Kik to talk to, this may be your go-to site.

This website allows you to conduct an advanced search where you can set the age range, gender, and date of Kik accounts listed on the site, enabling you to target a specific demographic (which is a double-edged sword, considering Kik’s history with pedophelia). While this site helps sexual predators find vulnerable targets, it’s also an easy trick to find new people to talk to about whatever it is that you’re interested in.


The site listed directly below kikfinder, this website is a combination of a Kik name finder and a Snapchat name finder, and it’s largely targeted towards people interested in sexting random teens and people who claim to be teenagers. Unlike kikfinder, doesn’t indicate when the usernames listed were added to the site, so you’ll have to guess which accounts are still active, but that shouldn’t be too much of a chore.

Surprisingly, the website has a disclaimer (although the link to it is located at the very bottom of the homepage) in which it mentions that it has no affiliation with Snapchat or Kik, something that most sites like this completely avoid (although kikfinder has “Rules” that they “enforce”). At the bottom of the disclaimer there is a link to request content removal if people are abusing you or pretending to be you, which is very handy for people in sticky situations.

Although this site is all about helping people sext and send each other frightening nudes, it still acknowledges that there are some people out there who want to harm others, and it’s a decent consolation to know that they’ve included the ability to have your info taken off the site completely; it’s just a matter of how quick they are to respond to your request.


Coming up third in Google’s search results, kkusernames is another site dedicated to helping people find new Kik names and Snapchat names to message with. Once again, it’s up to you to randomly guess and see which usernames are legit or not, but by now that may be half of the fun for you.

The site administrators mention in the About page that the website “provides [its] users/visitors a comfortable and simple opportunity to share their own kik and/or snapchat usernames.” I wouldn’t use a word like “comfortable”, but “simple” fits the bill.

“Comfortable” is a wrong word to use when your site is a list of Kik usernames offering to sext, and some even mention that they’re looking for girls aged 14-15 (I’m looking at you, TheFluffyChimichanga, whoever you are). “Not safe for children” would be a better descriptor.

This website enables users to indicate whether they’re into “dirty chat” or not, but even the names listed displaying “NO” still include things like “Kik me for d1rrty or clean” directly below. One or the other kids; you can’t have both (well, on you can, apparently).

4: Google+ Community

On the second page of your Google search results the fifth link down the page should be to a Google+ community called “Kik usernames :)”, and it’s still active today, with many people posting their Kik names just minutes ago. If you’re looking for new friends on Kik or just someone to talk to once and then ignore, this site may be what you’re looking for.

There’s even a discussion on the page that was started just a few minutes ago as of this writing for single people to chat, so if you’re open to meeting random singles in an online environment, then this may be your new jam. It’s a very active page with tons of people adding this Kik usernames on it every day, so you shouldn’t have to search very far to find a site that’s got way more Kik names than you could ask for.

5: Kik Pals - Reddit

When you Google “kik names”, go to the fourth results page and scroll to the bottom. You will find a link for a reddit page called Kik Pals, and it seems like a pretty legit way to find new Kik names to message. There are pages on pages on pages in this forum, so you’ll have way more usernames than you need, and if you hit up a multitude of people, your chances of making new online friends seem to be pretty strong.

Being that it’s Reddit, you can rest a little easier knowing that this page isn’t totally overran by pedophiles, but it’s not a guarantee that you won’t encounter any bad guys. Being that it’s the internet, lying is really easy, so be careful and never give out any personal information to anyone.

5 Websites That Help You Find Kik Names RIght Now
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