Kik Sex: Here’s how to Actually Get Laid on Kik [ NSFW ]

Kik has made headlines a few times since it’s inception, and not always for the best reasons; it’s an app that is huge among teens and people use it for sexting, selling drugs, and much worse. With few security measures and messages never finding themselves on Kik’s servers, it’s really easy to engage in sketchy activities of all sorts.

Sexting on Kik is big, and there are even some websites listing people who will sext with you. With a huge pool of users, if you’re interested in having Kik sex, you can do so easily; it’s so easy, you can have Kik sex tonight.

Before you begin your virtual sexperience, there are some things you need to know to ensure you have a good time and stay safe. Kik does have a bad side that you need to watch out for, but if you follow these 5 tips, you should do just fine.

1. Find People

Obviously, it takes two to tango, so you’re going to need to find someone you can have Kik sex with. This step is very easy, as you only have to Google ‘kik sexting usernames’ or a search term like that to find a variety of websites that list Kik usernames of people interested in sexting.

You can even find people without having to leave Kik itself; all you need to do is search usernames at random or search a term like “chat” or “sext” to find pages with Kik usernames of people who are apparently into Kik sexting. The only thing is that you don’t know who is on there because they want to or because someone else uploaded their username, so you’ll need to just guess when you’re looking for someone to sext.

2. Reach Out

Obviously, if you want to sext with someone, you’re going to need to send them a message. But what should you say first?

Should you start it out like any normal conversation, or should you get right to the nitty gritty? It depends - if you’re comfortable with sexting completely random people, maybe you’ll want to skip the small talk, but you never know how comfortable they are with Kik sex, so it might be best if you say hi or flirt in the beginning, rather than just asking them straight up if they want to sext.

Kik boasts that it has almost 300 million users, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who wants to sext with you if you strike out on your first few attempts. If you send some random account a message and get nothing in reply, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ugly or something; some accounts are inactive and some people get their username thrown up on Kik sexting sites when they don’t actually sext.

You should be able to find a partner for Kik sex with relative ease, but don’t give up if you have trouble getting off the ground; I guarantee there’s an account out there that will sext with you till your weird little heart is all tuckered out.

3. Get To The Sex Talk

If you’re finding your Kik sex buddy on Kik sexting sites, then you can probably get right to sexting. If you’re finding someone directly in Kik and it’s not obvious they’re all about sexting, send them a casual greeting and try to pick up a conversation.

Given that there’s more people on Kik than you could ever need, you can be as brash as you want, but it’s still a good idea to respect people if they refuse your advances; if someone isn’t into you, just be chill about it and find another Kik sex buddy. We both know this is an easy task, so if things don’t go as you expected, just try again with someone else.

When you find someone who’s down to have Kik sex, go to town but keep in mind that this person is a complete stranger and you never know their intentions; to ensure your safety, follow these next two tips closely.

4. Don’t Send Pics

You don’t know this person, and on Kik it’s really easy to act like someone you’re not, so it’s in your best interest not to send them any pictures of yourself. If they’re begging for a pic, just find one off the internet and reverse-catfish them.

Don’t ever make the mistake of sending photos to strangers, as you’ll only come to regret it, and based on the nature of the photos (like if your face can be seen clearly), if they were thrown up on the internet or you got tagged in them on social media… ouch. Pictures could be used as blackmail as well, and many Kik predators use blackmail to solicit even more photos from their victims, usually young girls.

If you stick to a hard rule on no pictures, then you can have Kik sex with people and not really have to worry about that person doing anything to ruin your life. Kik sex is sketchy, but if there aren’t any pics, then it might as well have never happened.

5. Don’t Get To Know Each Other

After you’re done sexting with another Kik user, you might not communicate ever again, but if you happen to go back for seconds, don’t get to know each other. You’re using each other for Kik sex, that’s fine, but it’s for the best if you stay relative strangers; if you end up chatting a lot, they may get the wrong idea, or you even you might lose sight of what the relationship is really about, and take the word “relationship” with a grain of salt.

This person you having Kik sex with could very well be someone completely different from who they say they are, so you might want to just find a new person to message whenever you want to have Kik sex again. If they are now messaging you all the time asking to sext and you’re not comfortable with that, you can block them or even change your username so they can’t find you.

Kik isn’t a very safe app for messaging, but the few security features it has can be enough to keep your identity safe and out of any danger… just.

Heres How You Can Have Kik Sex Tonight
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