11 Weird Ways to find Kik Friends [ Don’t try #7 ]

We all get tired of the same routine, talking to the same people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re on Kik and you’ve run out of people you’re into chatting with, there are some things you can do to make new Kik friends, and they all take just a few moments.

There are 11 ridiculously simple ways to find new Kik friends, and they’re all conveniently listed below. Before long you’ll have fun, new people sliding into those DM’s.

1. Share Your Profile

Kik may be a quasi-anonymous messaging app, but now you can share your profile on other social networks. While in Kik go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom and tap “Share Your Profile”.

Maybe some people you know are on Kik, but you haven’t connected yet; by sharing your profile, you may end up making some new friends.

2. Join a Public Group

Kik has recently introduced public groups, and these can be found in Kik’s new browser. Think of your hobbies, what you’re interested in, and search them as hashtags. There are tons and tons and tons of groups covering a multitude of interests, so you’re bound to find a few that you’d be down to join.

We tend to make friends based on common interests, as it’s easy to talk about things you like, and with the ability to quickly search for people who like what you like, there’s no excuses as to why you don’t have anyone to talk to on Kik.

3. Start Your Own Public Group

If you have some archaic, obscure interest that doesn’t have a group already, you can make one for yourself. Make it Public so people can find it, and you can even share it on other social networks you frequent.

4. Use Contacts On Your Phone

Okay, this is without a doubt the most annoying method to find friends on Kik, but now Kik has made the process of importing your contacts into Kik easier for everyone. Rather than having it send a message to literally everyone in your contacts, Address Book Matching finds people in your phone who have Kik and sends them a message, but only if they have Address Book Matching enabled as well.

That feature makes it a bit easier to enable, as you don’t have to worry about spamming everyone in your phone, but the only caveat is that other people have to have the feature enabled too. They might, but they also might not.

Good luck with this option, which still sucks.

5. Search For Conversations In Kik’s Browser

Kik has a nifty browser that lets users find information that Kik can’t provide without having to leave Kik, and if you type in “chat” into the browser, you’ll be given a list of conversations and new friends to talk to, which is the whole point of Kik, apparently.

6. Instagram

Instagram has been keeping tabs on Kik, and with drugs, sex, and more being solicited in Kik, the ‘Gram has cracked down on hashtags Kik users use to advertise whatever they’re selling on Instagram itself. #Kikme is tag used on Instagram and it’s frequently accompanied by #kiksex or even #kush4sale, and because of that, Instagram has limited the search of #kikme to the Top Posts.

If you search #kik, #kikmessenger, #kikmessanger (yes, with an “a”) and #kikmeh, you’ll find a lot of posts, but some of those terms are limited to the Top Posts. Some of the pictures have nothing to do with Kik, but many of them do; the thing is, do you want to risk communicating with a complete stranger?

7. Twitter

Twitter is a treasure trove for Kik users, as you’ll find tweets on tweets displaying Kik usernames. The bad thing about this some of these accounts don’t seem legit, so you’ll need to weed through the bad ones to find those people who are genuinely trying to find Kik friends.

8. Snapchat

Why not advertise one quasi-anon app on another quasi-anonymous app? Post a selfie or video, or whatever the hell you want and include your Kik username in the caption.

Remember, give people enough time to commit your name to memory or remember it just long enough to write down, so time the snap to last 6-10 seconds just to be safe. I mean, they could always watch your Story again to find it, but no one wants to do that.

9. Facebook

Take to the biggest social network in the world if you want to find some Kik friends. Facebook has tons of groups and pages, and there are some that are dedicated to Kik.

If you haven’t posted your Kik username yet, I would do that too. Not sure why you’d want to have more than one medium in which you can talk to annoying people, but that’s just me.

10. Internet

Okay, this option is a bit sketch but if the previous 9 methods didn’t help you make new Kik friends, then this is one of your final options to meet someone new. You have the full power of Google at your disposal, and it’s not difficult in any way to hit some keys and churn out a search term like “find new Kik friends”; before you can blink you’ll be given tons of pages listing Kik usernames you can message, but it’s up to you to delve into that trap.

Message random people who advertise on less than legitimate websites? Then this is your go-to method to making Kik friends.

11. Yik Yak.

Yik Yak is essentially anonymous Twitter, and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s worth a shot. The app itself is kinda fun to use, and if you send out a post with your Kik username, chances are at least one person will add you in Kik.

It’s based on your location, so you’ll be able to meet someone who actually lives near you, rather than some randy who is half way across the country.

For those of you on Kik, you might get bored of chatting to the same old people all the time, but it’s pretty easy to find Kik friends. There are many ways to meet Kik friends, and we’ve laid out 11 methods that you can do right now in just a few moments; by the end of the day, your DM’s should be flooded.

11 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Find New Kik Friends
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