Don't Miss These Top Sites for Dirty Kik Nudes and Porn

Kik burst onto the scene as an instant messaging app in 2010. It's bloomed in popularity since then, especially with young people, and now over 300 million people are using it.

But while it's popular among teens for exchanging memes and complaining about homework, adults have found an even better use for the anonymous messaging app: sexting.

Kik is perfect for sexting: all you have to do is register a username (you don't even have to use a phone number to verify your account), and you're all set to send and receive nudes and salacious texts from anywhere in the world.

If you haven't gotten on the Kik bandwagon yet, you're missing out on so much great content. We want to help you find the best sexy Kik usernames to brighten your days.

So, without further ado, here are our top 8 sites where people share their Kik usernames to find sexting partners.

  1. KikSexting
  2. KikFriender
  3. SextFun
  4. Sexting on Kik
  5. Dirty Chat Sexting
  6. Snapchat Username
  7. Sexting Forum
  8. KikDirty


Kik Sexting promises to "help you make hundreds of millions of new, horny friends, for sexting any time, anywhere."

That's a lot of sexting friends. You'll stay busy on this site for hours and hours. It might be more than you can handle--are you up to the challenge?

If you think you can brave it, you can explore dozens of forum topics with hundreds of posts full of horny men and women who are looking to sext with strangers like you tonight.

Plus, if you get bored with Kik, the forums also feature places for people to share their social media handles for other sites, like Snapchat.

Between all the different messaging platforms, you'll never run out of exciting new photos and videos from real users (no bots here!)


What I love about KikFriender is how responsive they are to their user base. They recently posted a page responding to the most common feedback they've gotten in the 5 years the site has been active.

From minor issues like tech glitches to major problems like weeding out bots and scammers, KikFriender is passionate about making sure its users feel like their input counts.

And they're working on new developments to improve the site experience all the time.

As far as the site itself, it's gorgeous. Rather than just seeing forum text posts, KikFriender will show you photos of your new friends along with their username.

That way, you can pick and choose only the hottest sexting buddies out of the thousands on the site.

SextFun is unique for its tagging feature, which lets you filter content by attributes like boobs, lingerie, MILFs, or even group sex.

No matter what your preference is, you can find tons of great photos specific to your tastes on SextFun.

The site also lets users upload nudes directly, rather than just sharing Kik usernames.

Plus, there are pages for other messaging sites as well, like Skype, Twitter, and Instagram. You'll be able to find new great sexting friends on apps you probably already have downloaded.

Tons of hot girls are already on this dirty site, and they're waiting for you to check them out. Why put it off any longer?

Sexting on Kik

I love how creative people can get when it comes to sexting. Have you ever dreamed of using Pinterest for sexting?

I sure hadn't. But the horny friends you'll meet on Sexting on Kik have--they even have a whole page of people sharing their dirty Pinterest usernames.

The feature that makes Sexting on Kik stand out from the crowd is PornFrost, a high-quality porn network partnered with the site.

If you run out of hot girls who want to send you their nudes (which should take you at least a decade, with how many people are on this site), you can still get dirty with some of the best porn videos you'll find on the internet.

Dirty Chat Sexting

Dirty Chat Sexting has page after page of sexy guys and girls posting nudes and sharing their Kik usernames so that you can see even more once you add them on Kik.

I almost couldn't believe how many people on this site want to show off their nudes. I'm ready to give up on spending money on drinks and dates to try and get a girl to send me nudes.

I can find all the nudes I want right here, with no work at all.

This isn't a site for those who are looking to beat around the bush. It's a site for people looking to beat their meat to some of the hottest folks on Kik.

Snapchat Username

Even though the name implies that this site is all about Snapchat, it's got tons of people sharing their usernames for lots of different sites, including Kik.

There are millions of threads on this forum, all made by people who are bored with porn and are looking to share their dirty nudes with their new friends on Kik.

With all these people looking to get dirty, you're sure to find tons of new sexting buddies who are eager to get to know you.

Don't wait another minute--you don't want to let these beautiful new friends slip through your fingers.

Sexting Forum

This site has so much content, I don't know where to start.

Obviously, there are thousands of lonely, horny Kik users who want to start a dirty chat with you.

After you've gotten your fill of forum posts, there's an entire section for nude selfies that have been posted directly to the site.

You won't even have to open another app on your phone to see sexy nudes that are sure to get you hard.

The site is also affiliated with The Porn Dude, who you've certainly heard of if you've been cruising around porn sites long enough.

The Porn Dude reviews and ranks only the best porn sites on the web. There are tons of different categories, like amateur, live cam sites, porn games, hentai, and even VR porn.


KikDirty advertises itself as "#1 in the world" when it comes to sexting, and they certainly have a lot to back up that claim.

For starters, there are tons of forums for people sharing Kik usernames and nudes. There are also forums where people can discuss cam sites, review porn, and watch free sex videos.

They even have VR porn and sex simulators, to bring your porn experience into the 21st century.

You'll never be bored on KikDirty.

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