Best Sites for Kik Sexting, Girls Usernames, & More.

If you know about Kik, then you probably have mixed feelings about the texting app.

If you're like me, then you used Kik as a middle schooler to communicate with your friends, but the hype soon died out once everyone started getting iPhones and using iMessage, or just messaged each other through different social media apps.

What was once a free messaging app for young people to contact each other with has now turned into a full-on sexting app.

Seriously, anyone who uses Kik now is either one of two things; they want to be able to group message their friends who have Androids and iPhones together, or, they like to sext and trade nudes.

If you haven't used Kik in a while, you may be surprised to find out that there's actually a prolific sexting community on the app. Honestly, the app itself is really cool, and I bet more people would be using it if it didn't fall off and become a sexting community.

But we're not here to judge you for your choices; we're here to help you learn the hacks to Kik sexting, nudes, getting girls usernames, and more.

If you want to learn where all the nudes are at, how to get into sexting groups and find women to trade pictures and videos with, here's what you need to know.

Best Sites for Kik Sexting

As I've said, one of the many ways people use Kik is for sexting. But if you're not already a part of that world, it can be challenging to find a way in.

Thankfully, there are some resources you can find online to help you get started.

For one, there are dedicated websites all about Kik sexting, and often featuring forums, where you can find people and groups to Kik sext with. One of the best ones comes with the surprisingly simple name of Kik Sexting.

Here, you can view different posts by users on the site who also use Kik and add their usernames. There's a large amount of female Kik users who actively post on this site, so you don't have to worry about not being able to find one amongst all the horny dudes.

Another great site to find people to Kik sext with is KikDirty. It's similar to Kik Sexting, but with KikDirty there are more features on their website to keep you entertained and more forums.

You can view posts by users, not just about Kik sexting, but also Skype sex, Snapchat sexting, sexting with people from other countries, and read porn site reviews, porn game reviews, and more. You can even view cams on this site!

It's excellent for Kik sexting because of how many people post on here. There are tons of forums for different subcategories of Kik sexting, like Kik nudes, so there are more women to add.

But on both sites, everyone is down for Kik sexting. If their username is on a forum post, then they're welcoming you to message them. You never know what could arise from a simple message.

Where to Find Girls Usernames

Now, if you just want to get girls' usernames, not really caring to read a description of what they're looking for and want to message as many women as you can, hoping to get a good amount of responses, you can go to sites just for finding Kik usernames.

While you can visit the sexting sites listed above, you'll have to sort through and read posts to find out girls' usernames if they're not already in the title. Sites like Kik Usernames and KikFriender allow you to quickly add hot girls you find on the site by providing you with their usernames.

The key difference between the two sites is that KikFriender is more like a social media site where dirty Kik girls create profiles and post pictures for you to view, so you know who you're adding.

On Kik Usernames, you'll have to rely on their username and nothing else.

How to Find Kik Sluts

Now, sometimes these sites will show you girls usernames, but it's not always guaranteed that they're down for Kik sexting.

They could just be random girls' usernames who got put there, and when you messsage them asking for nude, they'll block you.

That's why you need to be sure that you're only messaging girls who welcome and exchange nudes, expecting to sext on Kik.

It'll make your life easier to know that these Kik sluts are ready and willing to sext with you instead of hoping the username you've found will want to sext, let alone even reply to you. So, where do you find them?

Well, one thing you could do is search hashtags on Kik, which is one of the great things about this app. By searching up a hashtag like #kikgirls, #horny, or even #kikslut, you can look through the tag for girls you find attractive (but be careful to make sure that they aren't bots) to message.

Additionally, if you head over to KikDrty again and look under their 'slut' tag, you'll find many posts by female users looking for some fun on Kik.

Looking for a Kik Mistress?

If you're not familiar with the term, a Kik mistress is basically the same thing as a traditional mistress in the BDSM community, except online.

She is not looking to trade pics or videos with you, but rather train and abuse her slaves. If you enjoy being a submissive and want a cruel Kik mistress to follow her orders, you can find one more easily than you think.

There's a large community of Kik mistresses that are eager to gain new slaves. They like to post their requests on forums, especi ally on Forum Jar.

There, you can find mistresses and slaves alike posting looking for each other and connecting themselves. You could post a request yourself and leave your Kik username for a dirty Kik mistress to find and add you.

Best Sites for Kik Nudes

A lot, and I mean A LOT, of nudes have been shared on Kik over time.

Naturally, Kik nude groups formed to share them, as well as sites posting them and featuring girls along with their usernames for you to add. One of my favorite sites and one that is continuously updated is Kiked.

Each post shares a photo of a girl and her Kik username that you can use to friend her. While they only show one picture, trust me when I say it'll leave you wanting more.

Best Kik Sexting Groups

If you want to have the most fun on Kik, group chats are definitely the way to go. You've never seen a dirty group chat if you haven't been in a Kik group; they get wild. It's easy to join Kik groups if they're a public group chat, but if they're a closed group, then you'll need to send a request to join.

An easy way to search for public groups on Kik is to search using hashtags. Groups like #kikdirty or #nudegroup or something similar could bring up results. Also, there's plenty of people posting group names to search on Reddit that are public to join.

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