14 Best Sexting Messages You Need to Try

Sexting is a fun, lighthearted way to add a little more flavor into your sex life, whether you're texting a casual FWB or your long-term partner.

But what if you're not sure how to start the conversation, or you feel awkward about flirting over the phone? Too often, guys shoot themselves in the foot by being painfully awkward over text.

If you don't want to be one of those guys whose sexting adventures end before they've even begun, we've got you covered with these five great types of sexts, along with examples of each, that are sure to inspire you.

Set the mood, make sure you're texting the right person (no one wants to send their aunt a naughty message), and get down to business.

Suggest a trade

No matter what Bernie Sanders says, there's no such thing as a free lunch or a free orgasm.

I propose a trade tonight: you cook dinner, and I give you the blowjob of your life

Intellectually, you might know that no one is good at multitasking. But sometimes your downstairs brain makes decisions against your upstairs brain's better judgment.

You just have to hope this guy has steady enough hands that he doesn't spill boiling water on himself if he nuts at the most inopportune moment. Fortunately, his partner doesn't seem like the kind of person to worry about a little cum in her food.

Trading sexual favors is a fun way of divvying up chores like cooking, cleaning, or caring for kids or pets. After all, who doesn't need some release after taking Fido to the vet?

I want to massage your shoulders. Will you be naked?

Who doesn't love a good backrub? Research shows massage has all kinds of health benefits, and when you combine it with some sexual release, you've got a recipe for guaranteed stress reduction.

This couple has great chemistry, bouncing off one another's sexual escalations until the conversation goes from a shoulder massage to lingerie and sex toys. Try using the first rule of improv (always say "yes and...") when it comes to sexting to keep the flow going.

Here the exchange of massage for sex isn't explicitly stated, but the masseuse's proposed outfit implies that this massage will have a happy ending.

Shut up. Make me. I will, but you might moan a little.

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it's critical for anyone in a serious relationship to take arguments seriously. Healthy conflict resolution means finding solutions that work for both of you.

Suddenly switching gears from fighting to fucking may not work every time, but I'd say it's definitely worth trying once or twice (or as often as possible).

I love that this sexy message could easily have originated from an entirely family-friendly argument, turned playfully and then overtly sexual. It shows how sexting can fit right into your daily life.

You don't have to schedule your sexting like your dinner reservation. Sexting is for any time, anywhere, as long as you've got your phone and a signal.


Give your partner an idea of what's to come later today or tonight. It'll get their imagination flowing so that they're primed and ready to go when they walk in the door.

I can't get any work done today thinking about seeing you tonight

Fifty Shades of Grey changed the way we look at office desks forever.

That's not to say that bending someone over a desk wasn't a fantasy before. But with the image of Jamie Dornan having his way with Dakota Johnson dancing in women's heads, your girl is probably at least curious.

Plus, office sex has a certain taboo to it, and everyone loves getting nasty when they know they shouldn't be.

This sext is just chock-full of rich ideas that are sure to get both participants' heads spinning with the possibilities of what tonight might bring.

I'm going to rub my pussy thinking about you

Tease, indeed.

Everyone likes to know that other people think of them when they aren't around. Let your partner know that you're thinking of them even when doing something as boring as showering (pro tip: if they're into you, anything that involves you without clothes is not boring).

Plus, you already know that your partner imagines you naked. Why not feed the flames a little by teasing them with the idea of your nude form?

But don't be surprised if they invite themselves into the shower to join you next time you need to wash your hair.

I'm off my period. I'm going to fuck you for all the days I waited.

Period sex is great, but it's not for everyone. If you've been waiting impatiently for Aunt Flo to leave town, you're probably aching to get back to your usual routine.

Anticipation can be such a powerful aphrodisiac that some people will actually intentionally hold off from sex in preparation for a big date.

Whether you've got that kind of self-control or not, barely holding back from jumping your partner as soon as they walk in the door is exactly the kind of mood you want to be in when sexting.

As for whether the crime of burning breakfast deserves the punishment of whatever this guy has in mind, it's like Newton said: every action has an equal, opposite reaction.

Make a man angry in the morning, you better be prepared to make him very happy that night.


Who doesn't like being complimented? Telling your partner how good they make you feel or how badly you want them is a surefire way to get them thinking of you all day long.

I need you physically. I'm craving you.

Despite the name, sexting doesn't have to be sexual. Every girl who was raised on fairy tales has a fantasy of being swept off her feet by Prince Charming.

The highbrow romance might be a challenge to pull off--ever seen someone struggle over trying to write wedding vows?--but it pays off big-time when you nail it.

I don't even know these people, and I want to get in on the loving they've got going on.

The trick here is to get all the senses involved--the more someone can envision what you're describing, the longer the fantasy will stay in their head.

I want to feel your warm mouth on me. I feel all flush and tingly.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some sexts are so raunchy you can't believe there are actually humans who say this stuff out loud.

Reading sexts you sent when you're not horny anymore and can't believe those things went through your head

But that's okay! Your sexts are between you and your partner--they don't have to meet anyone else's standards. And just like real sex, some parts of sexting are best not seen in the light of day.

Being direct is a great sexting idea. Tell your partner exactly what you want them to do to you, and exactly what you want to do to them. There's nothing better than a straightforward "I want to fuck your brains out."

Describe your current condition

This one's easy: just tell your partner what you're up to. Of course, you'll probably want to make it sound a little sexier than it probably is. "Making sure I've got clean sheets, just in case we want to get them dirty again" is better than "doing laundry."

My boss keeps expecting me to focus when all I can think about is what color underwear you're wearing

Bosses everywhere are fed up with sexting, the destructive force that ruins workplace productivity by distracting employees.

Sexting at work might not be great for your professional reputation, but it's certainly a way to improve office morale.

Turn a casual "how's it going" text from your partner into a red-hot sexting session by letting them know that you're always thinking of them even when you should be doing something else.

Just got out of the shower. You know how sometimes you get distracted and forget to get dressed? I've been sitting on my bed in just panties for a half-hour

Relatable content, right? We've all spent way too long in a towel staring at our phone, only to realize that our hair has started to dry and we still aren't dressed.

Telling your partner about mundane things like this (with a bit of a sexy slant, of course) paints a clear picture of what you're doing (and, more importantly, what you'd like to be doing).

Ugh, could really use some sexual harassment inappropriate work touching at this moment

Office romances are risky, especially if you're using your work phone to coordinate your rendezvous. But the danger of getting caught might just be the perfect spice in your sex life.

Whether these two are actually coworkers or just playing out a steamy fantasy about an office romance, the details make the daydream just perfect.

Having sex in a public place is a more common fantasy than you might think, and while not everyone is willing to actually give it a try, sexting is a relatively safe way to experiment with a fantasy you might be too shy to try out IRL.


Try adding a little bit of humor into your sexting. It can ease any nerves you have about sounding silly--if you start giggling, all the better!

What's up baby? Eating, you? Wishing that text didn't have the punctuation marks in it

Autocorrect is the world's worst cockblock. Even worse than changing your sexy message to saying something about "ducking," sometimes Autocorrect will try to come up with a grammatically correct sentence when you're just trying to bone down.

Even if the recipient of this text didn't intend it to be sexual and is actually just having a snack, her partner has a lightning-fast wit and knows exactly how to turn the sexual tension from 0 to 100.

Straightforward, clever, and playfully sexual--this text has it all. It might be tough to pull off, but try and come up with other fun puns to throw out while sexting.

I want your hand either down my pants or stroking my hair. I have two hands, I can do both.

Everyone knows about the classic "two hands" meme, where a love triangle is resolved by one person holding hands with two different people.

But in this case, both hands are devoted to the same person. One hand attends to a romantic need and the other to sexual pleasure. It's topical, clever, and sure to get a laugh.

And one more, just for fun

I want coffee. I want your legs wrapped around my head. Fuck the coffee

In this fast-paced world, it would take a lot for most of us to give up on hopes for coffee, but the promise of something much better than a caffeine buzz might just do the trick.

Of course, the best option is to pull a Miley Cyrus and get the best of both worlds: show up to your partner's house with sexual intent and Starbucks. You can always microwave the coffee later if it goes cold while you're otherwise occupied.

Kylie is online and wants to sext.