Honest Snap Sext Review [Read This Before You Join]

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It's in human nature to send nudes.

From ancient statues depicting what anthropologists politely call fertility idols (link is NSFW unless you work in a really cool place) to people sending Polaroid photos through snail mail, people have been trying to show off their junk since the dawn of time.

Fortunately, you and I don't have to learn to sculpt or go to the post office for stamps to send nudes. We've got the technology of the 21st century to help us show off what we've got.

But with all this technology, maybe you're missing the one thing everyone else seems to have: someone to send nudes to.

It's a tough topic to bring up, especially on traditional dating sites where you run into people looking for long-term relationships. The girl who won't even let you hold her hand until the third date is not going to appreciate your request for nudes.

Even on more hookup-oriented sites like Tinder, not everyone is into exchanging naughty pictures with strangers. No matter how great your photos are, it can be hard to find enthusiastic sexting partners.

Fortunately, the 21st century has a solution for this, too. Snap Sext is a site that connects like-minded people who are looking to share their nudes with any total stranger who wants to see them.

Sound too good to be true? Want to know if Snap Sext is legit or just another rip-off porn site? Read on!

First Impression

It's super easy to register for Snap Sext. Just enter some basic demographic info, like your gender and age, and your email address.

Then you'll get some questions about your preferences. Blondes or brunettes? Skinny or curvy? Boobs or butt? Barely legal or MILF?

No matter what you choose, Snap Sext has it all. You'll get matched to your ideal type right away, so you don't have to slog through thousands of pictures before you get to one that's your type.

They even have options for more out-of-the-box preferences. Want to see girls fisting themselves? Maybe you prefer some BDSM content like handcuffs or whips?

If you've suffered for too long without any of your favorite content on mainstream porn sites, rejoice! Snap Sext has exactly what you're looking for.


The primary feature of the site is the photo and video content. You can scroll through pictures and videos of women in all kinds of outfits, positions, and activities.

If you stay too long on the site, you may have to call your doctor: they say an erection lasting more than four hours is a medical emergency, but you'll be hard every minute you're browsing through Snap Sext.

There are also private messaging options, so if you see someone who really gets you going, you can send her a message and tell her everything you'd like to do to her.

Everyone on this site is just as horny as you are, so she'll certainly be excited to hear about your fantasies.

Plus, you'll probably get messages as soon as you log in. No matter your age, body type, or preferences, there are plenty of people on this site looking for someone just like you.

Pricing and Membership Benefits

Snap Sext is a little bit pricier than some other dating sites. A one-month membership starts at $34.95, with discounts available if you sign up for 6 or 18 months at a time.

They do frequently offer trial period discounts, though, so you can try out the site and see if it's for you without committing to a full membership.

Plus, with the number of hot and horny women on this site, you're going to get much better results than you would on a traditional dating site.

Which would you prefer to spend your money on: six months of answering stupid personality quizzes and hoping for a boring dinner date? Or one wild month of all the hot sexts you can handle?

Really, it's not even a competition. Snap Sext offers great value for the price you pay.


I love the site's focus on visual content. I was sick of reading countless profiles on traditional dating sites that were all about long walks on the beach and horoscope signs.

With Snap Sext, I can see and sext hot women any time I want, without having to bother with small talk or asking about the future.

Another feature I love is the cam models. If you're done with the amateur hour, you can watch professional models dance, strip, and touch themselves in front of a camera, all for your viewing pleasure.

I've never been into cam girls before, but Snap Sext makes it so easy to connect with these experts in the field of seduction, and I had some of the best nights of my life watching the cam vids.

Plus, Snap Sext promises that they don't make any fake accounts to lure you in. All the accounts you see are real women looking to find a sexting buddy, and you could be just what they're looking for.


If you're easily distracted, it might be hard for you to keep your eyes on one girl at a time.

The site always has multiple photos and videos available in the sidebars, and even when I was super interested in the content I was watching, I found my gaze drifting to the rest of the page.

But if you're one of those people who needs lots of stimulation to focus, this might be the perfect site for you.

There's never a shortage of new things to look at when you're on Snap Sext.


Snap Sext has thousands of hours of video and photo content shared by real women looking to show off what their mamas gave them.

You can narrow your field to exactly the kind of content you're looking for, whether that's based on body type, hair color, or fetish.

There are also options for secure messaging and professional cam girls, in case you somehow get bored with all of the great primary content.

Although the flashing lights and sidebar content might make the site look sketchy, it's 100% legit and one of the best investments you can make.

Give it a try today. You won't be disappointed. We're giving Snap Sext a 5/5 stars rating.

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