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First Impressions

Arousr is an app that's specifically for people who love sexting.

After downloading the free app, you can find hundreds of professional Chat Girls who are eager to chat with you.

You can send and receive photos, as well as exchange dirty messages about whatever gets your engine revved, from vanilla fantasies to the most intense kinks you can imagine.

The site verifies that all its contractors are of legal age, so you don't have to worry about doing the leg work to make sure the girl you're chatting with is 18.

Plus, all chats start as free before moving to premium status, so you can get a feel for the girl you're chatting with and decide if she's right for you, risk-free.

If the first girl you contact isn't doing it for you, there's no need to suffer through a mediocre sexting session. Just skip to the next girl--with the massive number of cam girls on the site, it won't take you long before you find what you're looking for.

And if you think your kink is too rare to be on this site, think again.

I saw one girl advertising herself as "the queen of scat." Another, dressed as an old-fashioned schoolteacher, threatened me with "a good caning" if I forgot to call her "ma'am."

There's no end to the variety this site has to offer.


Aside from the sexting features, Arousr also offers phone sex and one-on-one video sessions.

You can call the chat hosts through the system online, so your phone number and real identity are never released to your host.

Payment for the services is also made through the site's credit system, so your credit card information is safe.

You can also get exclusive video content, available only for Arousr customers. All the content is authentic and homemade--no fake pornstar bullshit here!

Plus, the exclusive content comes from your favorite performers on the site. If you want to see more of what your favorite girl has to offer, it's as easy as clicking on her profile, then scrolling down to "Arousr Exclusives."


You get 100 credits on your account as a free gift, just for downloading the app. You can try out the app without spending a penny before deciding that you want to dive in headfirst (trust me, you will!).

Once the free credits are gone and you want to purchase more, you can charge the cost either to your credit or debit card or to your phone bill (if you're in Canada or the UK; US users are limited to card payments).

Each message that you receive from a chat host costs 10 credits. But don't worry--the system won't allow a host to send you more than 3 messages without a response, so a host won't be able to clear out your account while you're away from your keyboard.

Phone sex is also charged through credits, at 28 credits per minute.

Whether you're texting or talking, you can end the conversation at any time. Just type "OVER" into the chat or hang up the phone.

As in any service industry, tips are not required but appreciated, especially if your host gave you a really wonderful experience.

And tipping is super easy using text messaging--simply send a text starting with #tip and enter the number of credits you want to tip her.

There is also content posted by your favorite performers that's available for purchase even when she's not online.

These photos and videos will be available on your profile, so it's not a one-and-done thing like the live sessions.

For one price, you can check out your favorite content from the hosts you love, again and again, no matter what time of day or what time zone she's in.


Arousr takes a lot of the work out of finding sexting, phone sex, and cam girls online.

Traditional phone sex involves having to read your credit card information aloud to whoever is on the other end of the phone (and who knows what they'll do with it?).

With Arousr, you can just type the information into a secure site, and they'll keep it totally confidential.

You can also feel assured that all the professionals on the site are of age and legally permitted to do the work you want to hire them for. Arousr's legal team has your back.

There's also an incredible variety of hosts on the site, from your typical boob and booty shots to specific fetish, POV, and BDSM content. You're sure to find what you're looking for on Arousr.

Plus, unlike typical porn websites, Arousr is totally ad-free, so you don't have battle distractions from the flashing colors in the sidebars as you're trying to have a good time.


Some people prefer the porn experience, where every woman on-screen has DDD boobs and a professional makeup team behind her to make her look Barbie-doll perfect.

You won't find that here, just hot horny women looking to make some extra cash.

Prices also vary widely on the site, as each host gets to set her own price for her photo and video content.

So you may not get a lot of consistency--each host will charge what she thinks is a fair price for her content, and that will vary from person to person.


If you're looking to get your sexy on via the internet, and you're tired of the same old porn sites covered in popup ads, then you should give Arousr a try.

It's got tons of great content, both static and live, that will please people of all tastes and interests.

Beyond a couple of issues that you'll always find in the amateur sex work industry, Arousr doesn't have many drawbacks. You can get all the sexy content you want, for a reasonable price, without any of the worst parts of traditional phone sex.

It's easily one of the best sexting services on the internet. So why not give it a try today?

We're rating Arousr 4.5/5 stars. You won't regret this, we promise.

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