Kik sluts and creepy guys - here’s what you need to know

Chances are you’ve heard some stories about the messaging app Kik, and pretty much none of them are good. Kik is used for a variety of reasons, but it’s pretty popular among people interested in sexting strangers, and there are tons of sites listing usernames you can sext with right this second, but the caveat is that anyone can be anyone they want on Kik.

You’re looking for Kik sluts to sext with? Well, you might find these guys instead.

1: A 25 year old man in Florida was arrested after threatening to rape an 11 year old girl after contacting her on Kik. The man was intent on getting nude photos from the girl and other girls she knew as well.

Fortunately, the girl’s father was made aware of the situation and although he tried to masquerade as her in attempt to catch the guy, he was not able to do so and then notified the cops, who then took care of the potentially disastrous situation.

2: A 27 year old man, also a Floridian (seriously though, what the HELL is up with Florida??), used to be a youth football coach in Tampa Bay, but he doesn’t occupy that position anymore. What did he do that was so bad?

Well, he sent messages to a teenage boy he was coaching on Kik, offering $70 for pics of the boy’s genitals.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. Apparently this boy wasn’t his first victim, but fortunately the boy resisted his advances and never sent any pictures, and before long police were made known of the situation, and he (Davarius Durham) was arrested.

3: In New York state, a 41 year old man was pretending to be a teenager when he was sending messages to a 14 year old girl, and these Kik messages were sexually explicit, which is definitely not okay. Luckily they did not meet each other in person, which would not have ended well.

Facing multiple charges (one of which is a felony), this guy is looking to spend some major time behind bars. The only bad things is that he’s not the only bad guy or creepy guy on Kik; the list continues.

4: A 22 year old elementary school volunteer teacher’s assistant in Palmer Park, Maryland is being held on $1,000,000 dollar bond after being charged with 10 counts of felony child pornography among other charges after he made videos of students performing sex acts on the school’s campus. It’s unknown how many kids are victims of this disturbed young man, but the investigation is still moving forwards.

The abuse would have continued if it wasn’t for an uncle of one of the victims who happened to see a photo the child had taken and sent via Kik to the volunteer T.A., Deonte Carraway.

5: A 15 year old girl who had Kik on her phone was having trouble at home and started chatting with some guy on Kik, but this guy wasn’t just some nice person seeking to help a person in need. This guy turned out to be a predator, and he was able to get her to run away from home with him, and it wasn’t until about a month later that she was found.

This girl was from Cleveland but she was found at the man’s home in Missouri, 600 miles away. During this time the girl was living a nightmare, being raped and held in the mans home and could not runaway for fear that he would kill her, as there were many guns in the house.

Fortunately she was found alive, but this girl went through one of the worst experiences imaginable; if the authorities hadn’t found her sooner, who knows what could have happened. During a time when she was having personal and families issues, this young girl reached out to someone on Kik who seemed like a person she could talk to, and it was very easy for this predator to hide who he was and appear to be someone who had the girl’s best interests in mind.

Kik is a playground for predators, and it just isn’t safe enough for minors and teens to use in any capacity. Kik accounts don’t need to be verified with a cellphone number, and you can make up a random, totally bogus email and still sign up; this is a loophole that predators can take advantage of, creating multiple accounts to try and lure in as many victims as possible.

If you’re on Kik, you really don’t know for certain who you’re talking to; you can ask them to send a picture holding a fork or writing their name on paper, but those can be found online and used by anyone. Kids are easily susceptible to manipulation by adults, and it’s even easier for a sexual predator to do that from behind their phone screen, where they can make up complex lies and trick minors into thinking they’re talking to another kid.

Even if you’re not a minor and you’re on Kik looking for people to sext with, you could be sexting with people who aren’t who they say they are; you cool with that?

Looking For Kik Sluts You Might Find These Guys Instead
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