5 Rules You Need to Know For Sexting Kik Girls Safely

Okay, so you’ve got a Kik account but the people you know in real life aren’t flocking to the app like you did. Being that Kik is a messaging app for your phone, it’s kinda pointless to have it but not have anyone to talk to.

If you can’t get your friends to join, that’s okay, because Kik enables you to message anyone, so long as you know their username. If you’re a guy looking for girls to text with on Kik, you can find girls easily enough, but there are some things you need to know before you send some random chick a message.

You never know if someone is who they say they are on Kik, so you’d best play it safe and keep the conversation casual until you know each other and can verify she is actually the girl you think she is. To help you keep your identity safe and out of the hands of predators or just someone looking to screw up someone’s life, there are 5 vital rules to follow when texting Kik girls.

Kik isn’t the safest place for kids to message strangers across the globe, but if you follow these 5 rules, you should be safe.

1: Don’t give out your personal information

She may seem cute and nice, but you don’t know this girl in the slightest. Anyone can be anyone on Kik, as your only identifier is your username, so it’s best to play your cards close to the chest.

This girl could be who she says she is, but it’s really easy to lie when you’re hiding behind a phone screen; if a girl you’re texting in Kik asks you about where you live, what school you go to, or where you work, do not give up that information. No one who wants to be your friend cares about any of that crap; why would a girl need that information?

My best friend barely remembers my work schedule, and it’s not crucial in any way for them to know it; if a girl on Kik asks you for anything like that, stop talking to them and move on to someone who doesn’t need to know your street address.

2: Don’t give up your social media usernames

The person you’re messaging with on Kik is a complete stranger, no matter what information you get from their profile or your conversations together. If JennyW465 is sending you messages requesting your social media usernames, think twice before sending her your Twitter handle or Instagram username.

If JennyW465 is really a 45 year old man in Arkansas, they’re going to use that information to harass you or even to pretend to be you; before giving a Kik girl your social media names, ask them for theirs and give them a look. If their Twitter is inactive or their Instagram photos look odd or copied, then that ‘girl’ is not who they say they are.

You can also do a reverse Google image search by taking their photos and comparing them to other photos online. If her profile pic leads you to some stock image or a random site that hasn’t been updated since 2011, then that’s not a girl you’re talking to.

3: Don’t send pics

Predators are out to get whatever they can from minors and teens, and that usually includes photos and videos. If this girl you’re texting on Kik asks you to send a picture, you should think twice before tapping ‘send’.

If she’s asking for a simple selfie, she could be a girl who just thinks you’re cute, but if she’s asking you to take off your clothes and send a pic that is sexually explicit, I would highly advise against sending her anything. If this was a real girl and she’s asking you to take a dirty pic, she might have already sent one herself, so if she makes excuses as to why she won’t send pics, don’t believe the excuses.

Even if it seems like she’s telling the truth, still don’t send them, as it’s generally not a good idea to send pictures of yourself to people you’ve never met. The chances that this girl is who she says she is are low and it’s simply not a risk worth taking.

If ‘she’ is really some predator, once you send one picture, they’ll keep asking for more, and if you refuse, it’s highly likely that they’ll make threats, ones you don’t want them to enact upon. Never break this hard rule, and you stand a good chance of staying out of any sticky situations.

4: Don’t tell them your life story

This random girl you’re talking to on Kik may seem great, but it’s pretty easy to act like someone you’re not when you’re hiding behind a screen. Even if she’s giving you her life story, don’t offer up any intimate details about your life.

Let’s say this person is actually a predator, and you reveal that you live in some region of some state; now that they’ve got a definite region pinned down, they’ll ask questions that may seem innocent enough, but you may be giving up more information that’ll lead them to you. Instead of learning about what each of you did every day during seventh grade, talk about common interests or a particular topic, such as how Professor Snape is underrated.

Keep the conversation away from you, and focus in on any commonalities you may have instead. Predators can’t gather much information about you when all you talk about is Russell Westbrook’s lit pregame dances or the air-speed velocity of an unladen Swallow.

5: Verify who they are quickly

You’ll likely be wondering right off the bat whether the kik username you’re talking to is really a girl, and there’s a really simple way to verify who this girl is: ask her to send a selfie including her name or some phrase you come up with written on a piece of paper. If you get a selfie of some girl and a random phrase you gave her written on paper, then you’re in the clear, my friend.

If “she” makes up an excuse like her camera doesn’t work or something, don’t buy it; you’re not actually talking to some girl, and it’s best if you block that user and change your username so they can’t find you again.

Kik isn’t the best place to be messaging random people, but if you do, there are some steps you can take to ensure you’re talking to someone who isn’t a predator. If you follow these five rules when texting Kik girls, you should have a safe, positive experience.

5 Vital Rules To Follow When Texting Kik Girls
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