Best Sexting Examples - For Him & For Her

Sexting is a tough game to jump into.

Lots of people feel awkward about describing their sexual fantasies or preferences. And some people hesitate to try sexting because they aren't sure how their partner will respond.

What if we could teach you the secrets to sexting that will keep your partner thinking about you all day until they're ready to jump your bones when you get home?

Contrary to popular belief, sexting can be learned, just like any other skill. You didn't learn to skateboard or parallel-park without practice, right?

And we've included one of the best learning tools out there: examples of people whose sexting game is on point.

Learning from the gold standard, you're sure to perfect the art of sexting in no time.

For him: don't be afraid to be coarse

I'll shove my cock into you all the way hard enough to make it hurt so good

Lots of guys think that their messages have to be romance-novel material to impress a girl.

But it's okay if your narration is a little less Pride and Prejudice and a little more Fifty Shades.

In fact, most girls are more impressed by a guy who cuts to the chase and tells her about the stuff that really matters (i.e., how good she's going to feel tonight).

And checking in with your girl is always a good idea. You want to make sure she's having as much fun as you are.

For her: give him a road map

I want your hands slowly moving over my nipples, eventually going down between my legs, teasing my clit

Let's face it: guys are clueless. They practically need a how-to guide to get you going.

Sexting is the perfect way to explain your needs without it feeling like a lecture. Tell him what you're craving, and it'll give him a hint next time he's making love IRL.

Is there anything you've always wished he'd do in bed but never dared to ask for? Are you curious about trying something new?

Try sending it in a sext, and let the ideas steep in his mind. You might be pleasantly surprised the next time you see him.

For him: play dress-up

I want to see you wearing my shirt and nothing else

Dress-up isn't just for kids anymore.

If you haven't noticed, your girl loves stealing your clothes. If you're like most guys, every hoodie and oversized T-shirt you own has been commandeered by your girlfriend.

So, since she's going to wear your clothes anyway, why not encourage her to do it?

The advantage of her dressing up in your clothes is that, most likely, your clothes are easier to take off than hers (especially because she probably won't be wearing a bra).

By texting her some ideas about what you'd like her to be wearing the next time you see her, you'll prime the pump and get her ready to go as soon as you walk through the door.

For her: let him have his me-time

I'm playing COD, but they made a pause button so that I could text beautiful girls like you

A guy who would rather text you than play video games? Be still my heart.

Although you may dream of a dude who will drop everything to talk to you, this girl plays a very cool game in taking a step back and giving her guy some space to enjoy the things he loves without her.

You'll want to have his undivided attention before you start sexting, and that means that sometimes you can't have him right when you want him.

Letting him know that you want to talk but are willing to wait is going to up the anticipation factor for both of you.

By the time he finishes his game, he'll be burning with curiosity about what you've got in store, and that's right where you want him for some red-hot sexting.

For him: let a little vulnerability sneak in

You're my world, and it terrifies me because if I lose you, I lose everything.

Media gives a lot of messages to guys about how they need to be strong and fearless at all times. The Fast and the Furious franchise didn't become a sensation by showing men talking about their feelings.

But in relationships, and especially when you're sexting, your girl isn't looking for you to be Vin Diesel, jumping off flaming cars.

Striving to fit a hypermasculine ideal is the biggest cockblock out there, and it's one you impose on yourself.

Instead, try mixing the heat of the moment with your softer side. Let her know how much she means to you, and clue her in to your fears and insecurities. Every guy has them (even Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson), and it'll strengthen the bond between you two, making your sex lives that much better.

Any guy off the street can fuck your girl. Show her what only you can offer her: your emotional connection and your passion.

It'll set you apart from the masses and remind your girl why she's loyal to you.

For her: sometimes, no words are needed

sext conversation entirely composed of emojis

Most guys (and most people, in fact) are visual learners.

That means that they'll process information better through pictures (like emojis) than through words.

Think about it: you can ask him to do the laundry a hundred times and he keeps forgetting, but he's got the entire city map from GTA V on lock in his memory bank. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

While no one wants to reinvent hieroglyphics, a few cute (or naughty) emojis will give your man a visual that will stick in his head long after your words have faded from memory.

That means he'll be thinking of you all day long, and that should give him plenty of time to get creative about how to love you right tonight.

For everyone: the fastest way to someone's heart...

I brought you French fries

Okay, so this one isn't a traditional sext. But doing small favors for someone can lead to much better favors down the line.

Ever heard of the five love languages? One of the most prominent ways in which people show and receive love is through acts of service, doing nice things for one another.

If this sounds like it's your partner's style, going a bit out of your way to bring them food or do the dishes says more than words could ever say.

And you might just earn a "thank you" that goes beyond your wildest dreams.

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