SpankPal Review [Read This Before You Join]

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Sex sites often promise more than what they can offer, and if you were to stumble across SpankPal, you'd think it wasn't any different to the hundreds of other sex sites that claim to help you "get laid tonight" or "find hot MILFs who want to fuck you." However, while most sex sites often offer something that seems so unattainable with the promise of making the impossible happen, SpankPal is looking to provide you with something more realistic to satisfy your sexual cravings.

Meeting up with people you meet online to have sex is becoming rarer and rarer unless you're using something "secure" like Tinder; if you're hoping to fuck someone off a sex site, well, good luck with that. The more realistic option and one that happens for many people is to do a sex cam, where you and another person masturbate on cam with each other via video chat. It's not always easy to find someone to do that with, though, and that's where SpankPal comes in - as the name suggests, SpankPal wants to find you a masturbation partner that you can video chat with so you can cum together.

Sounds awesome, right?

But just how well does it work? We're here today to help you decide whether or not you want to try out SpankPal for yourself in hopes of meeting your new fap pal. Here's everything you need to know about SpankPal.

First Impression

SpankPal knows how to capture your attention. Since their key feature relies on video chat, they've implemented cam models into their site that you can chat with as well. On the right-hand side of the site's homepage, you'll see a box featuring a cam model that's 'live' now, and you have the option of turning on your cam to chat with her or start a session.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you'll see a list of buttons of categories of women you can click on to find a masturbation partner; she can be Latina, ebony, MILF, curvy, etc. Just underneath that list is the sites' call-to-action button where you can register and create your profile.

The most important thing to note about SpankPal is that you'll only be speaking to the women they've contracted as cam models on the site as your masturbation partner. They're not conencting people through the website, but they're connecting you to a cam model of your choosing. However, the girls are charming and eager to chat with you. I wanted to try it out since cam model sites can be hit or miss, especially if they're claiming to cum with you, but the girl I spoke with was super delightful, cute, and surprisingly horny. We talked for a good two hours, making conversation the first half and building up to the dirty talk, then we both masturbated on cam together with her talking me through it and talking dirty to me.

I still get chills when I think about it. If I'm honest, I've never came that hard off masturbation in my life. It's so much better talking to a woman, even through webcam, than watching porn.


There aren't many features on this site, which I personally enjoy because it keeps things simple. You go onto this site to do one thing and one thing only, masturbate. Your hand is on your dick more than the computer, so it would make sense that you wouldn't need to click around a lot to make the video chat work. Plus, having the video chatbox on the right-hand side at all times is extremely convenient, and you only need to click one button to get things going.

The difference between clicking on 'Start Your Cam' versus 'Start Session' is that if you choose to start a session, the site will redirect you to the sign-up page where you can enter your information to unlock all features, including live streams from the girls, and register for an account. When you start your cam, you get sort of like a free preview and can chat without having to sign-up, but only for a limited amount of time.

Pricing & Membership Benefits

As much as you might've hoped, this site is not free to use. Unless you plan on using the allotted time in the free preview every time you visit the site to chat with a girl, you're going to have to register for an account to access the site and get longer sessions with the models. Upon registration, you'll be asked to enter your card's information, but you won't get charged at the time you do this.

However, it's unclear how much you will be charged. My guess is that you'll receive a charge at the end of the month you purchase access during, but I canceled my account before then.


You'll always have someone to chat with on this site that's eager and willing to masturbate with you, which can be hard to find on your own. When you need something reliable and quick, SpankPal is the right choice. Plus, all the women are insanely gorgeous and do their best to make you cum - what more could you want?


My first issue with SpankPal is that they're unclear about how much they will charge you to create an account on their site. If they want your business, they should be upfront about the charges and let you decide if you wish to continue.

The other thing I found SpankPal to be lacking was options when it comes to women; you really only have six categories to select from, leaving out many niches. So, if you're looking for variety, then you might want to try something other than SpankPal.


All things considered, SpankPal is a pretty good cam site if you're not picky about who you're chatting with, and don't need a special niche of women. It connects you to real women quickly and is always guaranteed. However, if you're not about the hidden fees, then you might be better off visiting any of the other number of cam sites out there.

I'm going to give SpankPal 3/5 stars. It's worth checking out, but not necessarily worth your long-term business unless they make some changes.

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