Snapchat Sexting Handbook - Never Make These 6 Snap Sext Mistakes

What's the biggest risk with social media these days?

Opinions vary, but one issue that scares a lot of people is that everything on the internet is there forever. Share a funny meme today, and you'll have to explain it in a job interview five years from now.

Snapchat, then, seems designed just for sexting: every photo that you post, whether it's in a private message or publicly on your story, will be gone within 24 hours.

Because it's such a popular sexting platform, there's a code of conduct for Snapchat sexting, one that you don't have to scroll through and check a box to use the app. It's an unofficial rule set of blunders that will kill your chances of sexting hot girls on Snapchat.

And, for the first time in history, we've written down a list of the mistakes everyone makes when they start using Snapchat, the mistakes that make veteran Snappers shake their heads in pity.

Learn from the mistakes of the crowd to bring your sexting game to the next level.

Posting on your Story

It's embarrassing enough when you try to send an inside joke to your friend and accidentally share it with everyone in your address book.

But mistakenly posting a nude selfie to the entirety of your Snapchat audience is a faux pas you can't undo.

Especially for those of us with clumsy fingers, Snapchat is a minefield ready to blow up with one misstep. It's far too easy to send a photo to the wrong person or everyone you know.

Thousands of men have been exiled from their friend groups and family gatherings because no one wants to sit next to the dick pic guy at Thanksgiving dinner. Don't be the dick pic guy.

Fortunately, this mistake is fixable if you act quickly. Follow these instructions to delete a Snap from your story (and then start praying that none of your friends have faster fingers than you).

Assuming that your photos are really deleted

Snapchat's primary selling point is that your photos disappear once the other person has seen them. Many people think that the photos they send over Snapchat are lost to the void forever.

But get real: this is the 21st century. Anyone who's seen an episode of CSI will tell you that nothing on the internet is ever gone forever.

In fact, a forensics examiner found a simple way to recover photos that Snapchat claims were deleted.

And while most people who are using Snapchat for fun aren't interested in going through the steps to retrieve old photos, you should be aware that the tech is readily available, should someone have ulterior motives.

There are also more low-tech ways for someone to save your Snaps without your knowledge, like taking a photo of their screen with another device.

Just don't do anything on Snapchat that you wouldn't want to show up in court against you, and you should be okay.


Now for the other side of the coin: just as you don't want people saving your photos, don't take screenshots of Snaps that your partner meant to be temporary.

When your girl gets a notification that you took a screenshot of her Snap, she's already thought of six different ways to get her revenge. At the mildest, she might block you. At the most extreme, she might beat down your door and demand that you delete the screenshot on pain of death.

Either way, you've just killed the goose that laid the golden boobs: she's definitely not trusting you with any more nudes.

More devious ways to save her Snaps might hide it from her for a bit, but it's a risky gambit. You know that she doesn't want you to keep these photos (if she did, she'd be texting you). As soon as she finds out, she's gonna be pissed off.

And hell hath no fury like a woman whose nudes have been saved without her permission.

Your best bet to maintain the relationship and keep the stream of nudes flowing is to play by the unofficial rules of Snapchat sexting. Let the Snaps come and go like waves on the sand, and have faith that the tide will always come back in.

Endless messages with no response

The question of whether it's a social blunder to double-text someone has perplexed scholars for centuries (well, at least for as long as texting has been around).

With Snapchat, the rules are a little laxer than with texting. Sometimes the fun of Snapchat is that you can tell a story in pictures. If the person doesn't pick up their phone right away, they'll have a whole narrative waiting for them.

But when it comes to sexting, sending picture after picture with no response is a big boner, if you'll pardon the outdated (but absolutely real) slang.

If she's not replying, it either means she isn't interested, or she isn't available. It's pretty easy to figure out which one it is: has she opened the photos and then not replied? Or are you getting total radio silence from her?

The game of sexting depends on the principle of exchange: you give something, you get something. And believe me, your girl is aware of this rule.

There's no point in overwhelming her with photos when she's giving you every signal that she's not into it. Spend that time doing something better than spamming the same person with photo after photo.

Forgetting about emojis

Emojis. Kids these days seem to be obsessed with emojis, to the confusion of most people over 35.

If you aren't living in a convent, you've probably figured out what the eggplant and the peach mean in a sexual context (hint: it's not about exchanging recipes), but there are enough emojis out there to fill an encyclopedia--how are you supposed to keep them all straight?

Snapchat makes emojis easy by letting you drag and drop them onto your Snap. Want to hold off on showing your moneymaker? Cover it with an eggplant or a burrito. Need to show off an explosion? Champagne popping or fireworks are your best friends.

There are other features on Snapchat that will improve your sexting game, too. Check out filters to improve lighting and color to make it look like a professional headshot. I'd stay away from the dog one, but hey, you do you.

You can also use the text box or other distractions on the screen to cover up your least favorite parts of the photo if you've got a scar or a birthmark you're insecure about. Sexting is all about showing off your highlights, so there's no need to look anything less than your best.

Limiting yourself to your address book

While teenagers seem to have an endless list of friends on every possible social medium, it seems like everyone older than their mid-twenties has whittled down their friend lists considerably.

Maybe you've given up on all hope of finding a Snapchat sexting partner because you only know seven people on Snapchat (and three of them are related to you). But never fear!

Because here's the secret that teens won't tell you: even they don't know all 6,382 of their Snapchat friends. All over the internet, lonely, bored, and horny people are publicly sharing their Snapchat username to sext with total strangers.

If you use any dating apps like Tinder, you might have noticed how many people include their social media handles, including Snapchat, in their bios.

This isn't just so you can get to know them better before swiping. Many of these people are hoping you'll use their contact info to reach out to exchange adult photos.

If you aren't on Tinder, you can find Snapchat usernames on other social media sites, like Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bonus: you can check out someone's social media profiles to see if you're into them before looking them up on Snapchat. That way, you don't waste time taking the perfect dick pic for a girl who isn't even your type.

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