7 Hacks to Great Skype Sex (#7 Will Shock You)

Schedule it

Scheduling sex sounds super boring to a lot of people, especially if you get off on spontaneity. But setting a time and place for sex is both more common and more tantalizing than you might think.

For Skype sex, scheduling might seem obvious, since you're not seeing each other in person each night. But there's more to scheduling than just deciding on a date and time.

For example, do you want to be up late on a school night, or should you save your sexy times for the weekend? Maybe you don't want to try and get nasty right after your friends' weekly Taco Tuesday. What night is your babysitter available to take the kids, dogs, or other distractions, so that you're guaranteed an uninterrupted night?

Timing is important, too. Rushing home from work and jumping in front of a webcam is an option, but maybe not the best one.

Maybe you can have an hour of time to yourself before getting on Skype to take a hot bath or shower, light candles, or read erotica to get yourself in the mood.

Dress up

Even though your partner loves you no matter what you look like, dressing up for video chat dates is a good move.

Remember, long-distance relationships are more challenging than in-person ones because they require more effort to keep the fire burning.

So even if it would be totally fine to show up to your partner's house in sweatpants, make a little more of an effort for cyber sex.

You can go with a nice outfit, the kind you'd wear to a fancy restaurant, but if the point of the Skype chat is sex, think about raising the bar past PG.

Lingerie or a role-playing outfit can be a fun way to remind yourself and your partner what you're here for.

If you feel too shy to open up the call half-nude, try wearing layers over your sexy clothes and then doing a sensual striptease for your partner. If you do it slowly and suggestively enough, they'll be salivating before you even begin to show skin.

Get vocal

When you're having sex in person, you have a lot of means of showing your partner what's working for you and what isn't.

Your body language, subtle changes in breathing, quick glances, and blink-and-you'll-miss-it facial expressions all help clue your partner into how they're making you feel.

Over video chat, all of those are either severely muffled or gone entirely.

Knowing this, you can compensate. Give them more feedback than you're used to through avenues that still work over video chat.

Your best bet is deceptively simple: tell them.

It can feel awkward to explicitly say "I'm so turned on," though, so it's okay to use sounds, not just words, to say what you mean.

Moaning, panting, or blurting out expletives in the heat of passion will show your partner how hot and heavy they're making you.

Consider camera angles

You don't have to be Christopher Nolan to make a cinematographic masterpiece over Skype.

Before your Skype sex date, play around with the camera on your phone, as well as any webcams you have. External ones tend to work better, but the one built into your laptop will do in a pinch.

Do you want to hold your phone up and give your lover a birds-eye view? Or should you aim your webcam at the ground where you've mounted a dildo?

There's no one best way to capture a sexy moment, and there's nothing saying you can't change angles mid-stream.

Another benefit to experimenting with cameras beforehand: you can decide exactly how much you want to clean up your body before the big day.

Whether you want to go full Brazilian or full bush, whether you're going to put on a full face of makeup or swipe on some lipstick and call it a day, consider how much shows up on your camera when deciding.

Practice talking dirty

Yes, I said practice.

A lot of people think talking dirty is an innate skill that you either have or you don't. But the truth is that anyone can get better at dirty talk with a little practice.

Not only can you try out different phrases to get a feel for what sounds best, you can also start to desensitize yourself to how weird dirty talk is (because let's face it: it's weird, no matter what).

There are tons of sites that will give you a practice vocabulary to start your imagination going. But don't be afraid to branch out and come up with your own unique sex language.

For instance, the word "penis" is pretty unsexy. Maybe you'll go with the kind of words they use in pornos, like "dick" and "cock."

On the other hand, those words might seem too coarse to you. So maybe you prefer romance-novel language like "member" or "manhood."

The only rule is that it has to work for you and your partner. If calling your respective genitals "Miss Piggy" and "Kermit" does the trick for you two, don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong.

Use the screen sharing feature

One of Skype's features seems to be made precisely for long-distance couples: screen sharing.

If you want to watch porn together, without struggling to sync up videos on your individual computers, you can simply share your screen with your partner and start the video--they'll be able to watch along with you.

It's also good for other content, like watching a romantic movie or showing your partner a forum about a fetish you're interested in trying out.

You can find instructions about how to use screen sharing in Skype here.

Try long-distance toys

It's 2019--we've got a high-tech solution for everything.

There are several companies that manufacture sex toys that can be synced with an app. You can put a vibrator in your body, and your partner can control when and how it moves from a world away, through the power of the internet.

These can be fun at any time--your partner could wake you up in the morning, or wish you a quick "good night" through your groin.

But combining these toys with Skype sex allows for the best of all possible worlds.

Your partner can see exactly how you respond to their control over your sex toy, in real time.

This gets over the biggest hump of cyber sex--not being able to get each other off.

While these toys can be a little pricey, the benefit of getting off from your partner's direct contact is well worth the cost.

Kylie is online and wants to sext.